About Us

At Ibercool Water Blocks we design and produce high-efficiency water cooling blocks of outstanding quality and at competitive prices.

From research and development processes through to managing raw materials and production, as well as packaging and customer support, Ibercool Water Blocks ensures the highest quality standards through ISO 9001 quality management systems, and fully respects the environment by complying with ISO 14001 for environmental management, both having been certified by external auditors.

Research and Development

ICE CPU AMD BlackWorking from our own laboratories, at Ibercool Water Blocks we constantly strive to create the very best products, seeking maximum thermal performance levels in real operating situations, in search of maximum compatibility with attractive designs and paying the uppermost attention to detail.

Our team of engineers is constantly working on creating new products and improving existing ones. Basing our work on new designs and computerized simulations, and having developed a whole host of prototypes and checks, we are able to obtain the very best options which offer high quality and highly efficient solutions, always striving to keep our products at the very best prices.

These products are checked using intensive tests which are done using high-precision instruments with the aim of ensuring their quality and studying possible ways of improving them.

As a result of this effort, the ICE series has been designed taking into account real scenarios of users, striving to obtain maximum performance also for computers with various blocks installed on them and even in more challenging and warmer environments. Through designs which keep loss of charge in the heat sink to a minimum, we are able to obtain excellent hydraulic performance which favours the use of pumps that are not too demanding and above all, the installation of multiple blocks without jeopardizing excellent performance during less favourable conditions. In this way, we are able to ensure that the computer is always working in optimum temperature conditions, increasing its service life and allowing us to take advantage of its maximum capacity with the most ambitious overclocking.

Production Process

Control Produccion At our factory, we have new production machinery and an exceptional team
Thanks to the use of high-quality tools, high-precision CNC machines and the expertise of our operators, we manufacture our products paying attention to the very smallest detail. All our products are also checked one by one before being packaged.

Random samples are taken from each batch to be subsequently subjected to extreme reliability tests. Following an initial visual inspection, tests are carried out at high temperatures and pressures in order to check the water tightness of the blocks under extreme conditions, thus increasing the chances of the computer surviving in the event of a fault on the recirculation pumps or radiators. Once the desired results have been obtained, mechanical quality tests are carried out on the materials the blocks are made from as well as on their nuts and bolts.

At Ibercool Water Blocks something which is very important for us is ensuring that production is as respectful as possible to the environment and that quality levels are of an outstanding level.


Ibercool Water Blocks possesses the following quality and environmental certificates awarded by external auditors: "The Design, Production and Servicing of Water Cooling and Software Systems for Computers and Electronics Devices" in accordance with standards UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNE-EN ISO 14001:2004.